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RMS UPDATE: 3-3-2020

Good Afternoon Ranchos Middle School Families,

I would like to update you on a few items regarding distance learning from RMS.

* Distance learning has been extended to Friday, May 1st

* Teachers will have new curriculum available to students on Tuesday, April 14th. The new curriculum will cover new standards and concepts not taught. Assignments will need to be turned in through Google Classroom or completed packets to the office. This way teachers can grade and provide feedback to their students.

* All assignments starting Tuesday, April 14th will be graded and entered into Aeries to help with feedback for students and parents.

* Teachers will continue to use Google Classroom, Aeries, Zoom, and other online resources to support student learning.

* Teachers will starting using the Flipped Classroom model to help support students in their acquisition of new standards and concepts. Flipped Classroom is a model of teaching where students are exposed to direct instruction (teacher give notes and dialogue on a standard or concept) via Internet video. These videos will be sent via Google Classroom.

* Teachers will still utilize office hours to support new student learning. Students can email teachers or request a Zoom conference for additional support as needed.

* Teachers will provide weekly agendas to support organization and pace of the assigned classwork. The agendas for the week are attached below and can be found in Google Classroom. and RMS Website.

* If you have picked up a hard copy of student work for the 1st three weeks please come by the office, and drop it off in the box label "Completed Student Packets" starting Wednesday, April 1st.

* Finally, we still have a handful of students who have not start work during our distance learning. Its imperative that your child completes these assignments to maintain their grade level knowledge. If you need any support or questions, please contact Mr. Imperatrice or Mrs. Hart.

We miss our students and staff interaction tremendously. Please know your families our in thoughts and prayers during this time. We can't wait to see our community back together....
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RMS Update 3/25/2020

Thank you to all the parents who have stopped by to pick up a 3-week work packet and to those students who have been working online at home. This is definitely a new and challenging time for everyone. While the school still remains closed we will be using a web conferencing tool to connect with our students during these difficult weeks ahead. Some teachers in GVUSD are already using Zoom to virtually meet with their students. If you have not had a chance to find out about Zoom meetings follow this link.
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RMS UPDATE: 3-19-20

Just would like to remind parents that work packets are still available at RMS. They are located outside of the office. Please take a packet if you child isn't able to work online via Google classroom. Also, Mrs. Hart and I would like to remind are students that teachers are available from 8am to 3pm Monday through Friday to help with assignments. Send your teacher an email and they will get right back to you. If you have missing assignments you can definitely work on those assignments from home as well. Its a great opportunity to get caught up if you have fallen behind this semester. Feel free to ask your teachers for those missing assignments. Finally, email Mr. Imperatrice ( or email Mrs. Hart ( with any questions regarding RMS.
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