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Ranchos Middle School
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RMS Update 3/25/2020

Thank you to all the parents who have stopped by to pick up a 3-week work packet and to those students who have been working online at home. This is definitely a new and challenging time for everyone. While the school still remains closed we will be using a web conferencing tool to connect with our students during these difficult weeks ahead. Some teachers in GVUSD are already using Zoom to virtually meet with their students. If you have not had a chance to find out about Zoom meetings follow this link.  

Our teachers here at RMS are dedicated to helping your child during distance learning. They are available through email Monday through Friday 8 am-3 pm for any questions you or your child might have. The teachers at RMS will continue to communicate with their students through email and Google Classroom. Please make sure that your child is checking their email daily for notifications and assignments. Grade level agendas have now been added to Google Classes to help students organize/prioritize the work that needs to be completed each day. Something new that the staff will provide is virtual office hours using the Zoom app. During these scheduled office hours, students can join the meeting and ask questions regarding assigned work. Teacher's Zoom office hours and link to the Zoom meeting are attached to the bottom of the grade level agendas. The Zoom office hour schedule is as follows:

  • English         M-F       10 am-11 am
  • Math             MTW      9 am-10 am
  • Science        MWF       8 am-9 am
  • History          TWTH     10 am-11 am     
  • PE                  MWF        9 am-9:30 am

  • English          MWF        1 pm-2 pm
  • History          MWF      11 am-12 pm
  • Math             MWF        1 pm-2 pm
  • Science        MWF        10 am-11 am
  • PE                 MWF          9 am-9:30 am