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Class Information

Contact Information

Instructor: Mr Ketner                                                         Website: Ranchos Middle School 8th Grade Science

Email:                                                 Phone: 559-645-3550 ext. 5107

Welcome to 8th grade Integrated Science.

Course Description: Under the new California standards, 8th grade science will combine Life, Physical, and Earth Sciences into integrated units with the focus on the impact on life on Earth. 

Standards and Units of Study: Students will engage in units of study outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the California Science Framework for 8th grade.

  • Unit 1: Getting Started
  • Unit 2: Introduction to Science
  • Unit 3: Energy, Forces, and Collisions
  • Unit 4: Non-contact Forces
  • Unit 5: Space Science
  • Unit 6: Earth Through Time
  • Unit 7:Evolution and Biotechnology
  • Unit 8: Waves
  • Unit 9: Technology and Human Impact on Earth Systems

Successful Science Students at RMS

Use your agenda daily: Write down assignments and due dates. Make sure to refer to your agenda often so you don’t miss something. If you are absent you still need to do the work.

Keep your Notebook up to date: Each student keeps a notebook of all work done in science. Handouts, assignments, notes, and other projects are kept in the notebook and the student should use them to study and prepare for exams.

Check the class website: Students and parents will have access to the science website. Class assignments, notes, slideshows, handouts, and a calendar of events can all be accessed via the website.

Check your grades often: You are responsible for your own success.

Attend tutorial: Ranchos Middle School provides a tutorial time during school on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at the end of the regular schedule. In addition, we have after school tutorial on Wednesday and Thursday. If you are interested in the after school program, watch for further information on when this will start.

Study! Study! Study!: Being successful is not always easy, it usually requires hard work. Do not expect to do well if you do not review, memorize, and study the information at home.



Classroom Rules and Guidelines

  1. Be ready to start class when the late bell rings.
  2. Be prepared. Bring your agenda, pencil/pen, binder, and other needed materials every day.
  3. Treat every student and teacher with respect. Be kind to each other.
  4. Have MUSTANG pride and help maintain the campus and equipment (clean up after yourself).
  5. Use appropriate language.
  6. No food or drink in classrooms. This includes gum.
  7. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


Academic Honesty: I expect you to always attempt to do your best work. Do not cheat yourself out of an education. Do your own work; do not copy someone else's’ work, this includes from the internet. If you are found copying or turning in someone else’s work for your own, you will receive a “0” score for the assignment and I will contact your parent(s)/guardian(s). If the behavior continues, you will be issued a referral to the office.

Cell Phones: During class, cell phones are strictly forbidden. This includes listening to music and texting. I will, at times, give you permission to use your phones (such as as a calculator); this is the only time they should be out during class.

Substitutes: Substitute teachers are adult guests on our campus. They are to be treated respectfully and you are expected to be on your best behavior at all times.

Classroom Cleanliness: The room is to be kept clean and organized. Before you are excused from class, chairs are to be pushed in, trash is picked up and deposited into the trash cans, and all supplies will be put in their proper location.

Chromebooks: You will be assigned a chromebook for classroom use based upon your assigned seat. Chromebooks are for classroom use only. You are expected to use them as a tool to help you learn and complete any work assigned. Playing games, changing settings, vandalism,  visiting inappropriate sites, and other misuse of the chromebooks are forbidden. First violation: issued a warning; Second violation: loss of access to the chromebook. Continued instances will result in a referral to the office and a loss of access to chromebooks for an extended time.

Classwork and Homework: Homework assignments are typically due the day after they are assigned. I will not accept late homework. You will receive a “0” score for that assignment. Late projects, classwork, and activities will result in a 25% reduction in your assignment grade.

Attendance: To be successful you need to be at school every day if possible. Students who miss class time will miss valuable information and experiences. Students must make up any assignments when they are absent. It is the students responsibility to collect any missing assignments. Assignments missed due to excused absences will not be considered late.

Supplies List – must have at all times

  • Earbuds or headphones. We use them extensively in class.
  • Color pencils (1-2  boxes for the year).
  • Pencils, ink pens: 2 colors; black/blue [red for grading purposes only].
  • Hand held pencil sharpener. The classroom one doesn’t always work.
  • 3x5 Index Cards (blank on one side, lined on the other).
  • Glue sticks - lots and lots of glue sticks. We glue all handouts into the notebooks.
  • Ruler (with metric units).
  • Drawing paper (printer paper is the best).
  • Spiral Bound Notebook College Ruled with holes (2 for the year should suffice).
  • Scientific Calculator: Cell phone calculators can be used.


  • Your own USB mouse (only if you do not like using the touchpad on the chromebooks).



Grade Scale Grade criteria:

90% - above A                            40% Tests/Quizzes

80% - 89% B                              30% Daily Work (classwork/homework)

70% - 79% C                              30% Activities (Labs, Projects, Simulations)

55% - 69% D

Below 55% F

Bonus or extra-credit work will be available throughout the school year.

Grades may not be raised more than one grade level due to extra-credit or bonus assignments.

I will not round your grade, you get what you get.

Please detach and return the bottom portion of the page to Mr. Ketner by Monday, August 19th.


Science Period __________

Be signing the form below, you indicate that you have read and understand the information presented in the syllabus and course requirements pages. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via phone at school or email me at


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