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Ranchos Middle School
Home of the Mustangs

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Ranchos Middle School, home of the Mustangs!!! My name is Felipe Piedra and I am very proud to be the principal at RMS.  Ranchos Middle School excels in many areas and has been recognized as a California Distinguished School.  The 2017-2018 year promises to be another exciting year filled with academic challenges, student activities, and many other events.  The staff at Ranchos Middle School is committed to providing a quality education in a safe and positive atmosphere for each student.  With the high stakes of state testing and the California state standards, the middle school curriculum will be going through constant review and revisions.  Our students will participate in a challenging and rigorous program this year.  We recognize that our students must not only demonstrate academic skills, but also develop a love for learning as a lifelong endeavor and develop goals for their futures.  Students must acquire skills and confidence in critical thinking, decision making, and exploring and creating new ideas. 
This year, the middle school curriculum will continue to offer high level classes as we offer both 7th and 8th grade Honors English.  In addition, we will be offering classes in Computers, Band, Choir, Art, Ag, Journalism/Yearbook and Study Skills.  The curriculum will also offer continued support services and classes for those students who need additional support in academics.  An additional goal is to promote a college-bound culture at Ranchos Middle School.  
Our campus will be alive with activities and opportunities for students and parents.  I encourage all of you to become active in the school community through participating in curricular and co-curricular activities.  We offer a full athletics program and will be looking to expand our club organizations.  We have an active Parent Booster Club where we welcome all participation.  All parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education.
Communication is essential.  The staff and I want to work closely with parents and students to discuss what is going well, address concerns, and meet challenges.   It is important that we work together to keep each student’s experience both positive and rewarding.  As issues arise, important letters from the principal will be sent home and available on our web site. I will also be using our phone dialer to update parents on major events.
Ranchos Middle School will be a community of students, teachers, staff members, parents, and the residents of the Ranchos.  Our goal is to make RMS the best middle school program it can be.  I look forward to the challenges, events, and experiences that we will experience together as a growing school.  If you have any concerns or thoughts, please feel free to visit the site.  My door is always open!!!!  Go Mustangs!!


Yearbook Acknowledgement - 8th grade

The yearbook staff is giving you the opportunity to purchase a quarter-page-only recognition/dedication ad for your 8th grade student. Wish them luck as they enter high school, congratulate them on a job well done in their middle school years, etc. The ad should include one picture (must be school appropriate, of course) and the text you would like in the ad. Our staff will design the ad for you as part of the yearbook; all we need is your information! Please see attached flyer for more info.
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